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Case 1: Iraqi studnet to Capital Medical University
Mr. J is from Iraq, he got pretty complex situation regarding choosing a Chinese school to study MBBS.
Case 2: US student to Fudan University
Mr. W is an American, and he was determined and desperate to go Fudan University to study MBBS, which is one of the hardest school to get into.
Case 3: Zambian student without physics mark
Ms. B is an Zambian student. She hadn't learned any physics before, but was intended to study in medical field.
Case 4: Pakistani student sticked to his list
Pakistani student Mr. G wants to get admitted in a Chinese school which is on his list, and finally, he got into one.
Case 5: Indian student was skeptical about recognition
Ms. H is an Indian student. She was confused about a school which was found in the Internet being not in the list of China's MOE.
Case 6: South African student thought she was too late to apply
South African student Ms. R first thought she had no chance to apply for a Chinese school to study MBBS in the same year as she graduated from high school.
Case 7: Indian student without a graduation certificate
Indian student Ms. U was so desperate for being not able to obtain her graduation certificate on time to file her application before the deadline.
Case 8: Somalia student worried about the environment
Mr. A is from Somali, he was worried that he couldn't get over with the climate and weather in China, so he was hesitated to file his application.
Case 9: Thai student who was fond of a mix of traditional and modern China
Thai student Ms. K was willing to live in a city where the traditional meets the modern.
Case 10: British student determined to go to Shanghai
British student Ms. M was a big fan of Shanghai, she was intended to go nowhere but Shanghai to pursue her further study.
Case 11: Zimbabwean student wanted low tuition school
Ms. J is a Zimbabwean student. Due to her personal situation, she'd like to know some proper schools that she could afford.
Case 12: Australian student needed to pass USLME
Australian student Mr. E wanted to attend a school that has speciality in passing USLME.
Case 13: Saudi Arabian student worried about internship
Mr. O is from Saudi Arabia, the reason that he was hesitated to file his application was the internship.
Case 14: Maldivian student wanted to go back to Maldive to do internship
Maldivian student Mr. Q didn't know whether he could do internship in Maldive as his father hoped.
Case 15: Ghanaian student excited to see snow!
Ghanaian student Ms. L wanted to go to northern China to see and experience the snow which seemed to be her only goal during her application.
Case 16: Australian student fascinated by after-class-self-study
Australian student Mr. L was a after-class-self-study person, so he wanted to go to a school with a good atmosphere and facilities of after-class-self-study.
Case 17: Bengalis student didn't score good marks
Bengalis student Mr. T was afraid of being rejected for not having proper marks on his trascript.
Case 18: Saudi Arabian student to Wuhan University but missed the deadline
Saudi Arabian student Ms. V was first intended to apply Wuhan University but she didn't pay attention to the deadline.
Case 19: Nepalese student to Fudan University
Nepalese student Ms. Z was lucky to get admitted into Fudan University to study MBBS due to being an early bird.
Case 20: US student fond of traditional Chinese culture
American student Mr. C always liked traditional Chinese culture and different ethnical clothes, so he wanted to go to an area that has that feature.



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